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Japanese curry (Karee raisu)

Japanese curry is actually a localized Japanese food.
It is quite popular in Japan, and taste different from Indian curry.
We use Japanese rice.

About curry souse, we use Japanese curry base(Karee Ruu).
In Utrecht we can get Japanese curry base in Toko Central. (SB curry base)

Basic ingredients are
- meat or sea foods
- Onion
- Garlic
- Ginger

Japanese mothers make JP curry by their own styles.
Some people put Soya souse, or Sake in the curry source.

I often put,
- Maggie soup base
- Sake or wine
- Soya souse
- Tomato
- Japanese brown souse

Additional topping
- Egg
- sausage
- some vegetables
- some kind of pickles


Sushi cake

Using cake form, but put Sushi rice.
Decorate with eggs, salmon and vegetables.


Udon lunch for a gest

Udon with Kansai style soup.

We have 2 types of soup for Japanese noodles.

One is called Kanto style.

Using a lot of Soya source.

Other is called Kansai style.

Less Soya source to make clear soup and mainly using seaweed for bros.

Kanto means the Eastern area in Japanese, and Kansai means the Western area.

Udon served with Tenpra.

Eating Tenpra together with Udon soup is very tasty.


Rozen Maiden

I named this beef Sashimi as Rozen Maiden, (or Rosen maden?)
This is beautiful and make it very easy.

First, just get beef Carpaccio in the supermarket.
I got this in Alberthijn(famous Dutch supermarket)

Like this type.

Forming as follows. 2 peaces of meats to make 1 rose.

Served with Japanese soya souce and Wasabi.

very tasty and very easy to make. And very beautiful.
Any lief you can use with this beef rose.
I used Shiso(Japanese basil) on this time.